5 Mile Winter League


All Member, Starting soon is our very first 5 mile winter league consisting of up to seven races over the Autumn and winter.

Run from wherever you like, dip in dip out.

They’ll be a series of dates when the races will take place first setting a 5 mile time on between 6th-9th November 2020.

Plenty of trophies to win.

Rules And Detail:


  • Run 5 Miles from wherever you like! try to run the same route each time.


  • First set a 5 Mile time and that becomes your first set time, and then every few weeks you run a 5 mile race

Set 5 Mile race time between:
6-9th November 2020

27th-30th November 2020
18th-21st December 2020
8th-11th January 2021
29th January - 1st February 2021
19th-22nd February 2021
12th-15th March 2021

  • You get 0 points for going slower than 0.25% of your latest set time


  • 1 point for being within +\- 0.25% of your latest set time


  • 3 points for going more than 0.25% faster than your latest set time and a bonus point if you go more than 1% faster but not the first race after your set time.


  • If you run faster than your set time that faster time becomes your set time for the next race.


  • All competitors that are on same points in the league will be sorted by better "Average percentage time change"


  • If you go slower than latest set time your next set time will be an average of your previous two race times.


  • Send me on Facebook messenger or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) a Strava or Garmin link to you activity, I’ll take your elapsed time over 5 miles, or alternatively send me the time you did.


  • You don’t have to run every race but obviously you won’t get points for races you miss, if you decide to enter once the league has started you must set your first time over one of the race dates above.


  • Awards:

1st in league
Runner up in league
Best improvement
Award in each race for biggest improvement

  • Please run it as a race each time, and to encourage a fare competition if you run more than 7% faster in any race but your first race you will receive no points and you won’t win the award for biggest improvement in that race.

Competitor Safety


More details of what safety measures competitors should consider will follow..