5 Mile Winter League


All Member, Starting soon is our very first 5 mile winter league consisting of up to seven races over the Autumn and winter.

Run from wherever you like, dip in dip out.

They’ll be a series of dates when the races will take place first setting a 5 mile time on between 6th-9th November 2020.

Plenty of trophies to win. Members only

Rules And Detail:


  • Run 5 Miles from wherever you like! try to run the same route each time.


  • First set a 5 Mile time and that becomes your first set time, and then every few weeks you run a 5 mile race

Set 5 Mile race time between:
6-9th November 2020

27th-30th November 2020
18th-21st December 2020
8th-11th January 2021
29th January - 1st February 2021
19th-22nd February 2021
12th-15th March 2021

  • You get 0 points for going slower than 1.5% of your latest set time


  • 1 point for being within -1.5%-0% of your latest set time


  • 2 points for going faster than your set time up to 1.5%


  • 3 points for going more than 1.5% faster than your latest set time and a bonus point if you go more than 3% faster but not the first race after your set time.


  • If you run faster than your set time that faster time becomes your set time for the next race.


  • All competitors that are on same points in the league will be sorted by better "Average percentage time change"


  • If you go slower than latest set time your next set time will be an average of your previous two race times (with maximum slowest difference of 7%.)


  • Send me via this form here https://forms.gle/sxVUgFbE1ATdg2cK9 or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) a Strava or Garmin link to you activity, I’ll take your elapsed time (time with stops included) over 5 miles, or alternatively send me the elapsed time (time with stops included) you did.


  • You don’t have to run every race but obviously you won’t get points for races you miss, if you decide to enter once the league has started you can set a 5 mile time (baseline) any time before the next race time you set, but be aware that you will only receive a maximum of 3 point for your first race and you’ll not be able to win the biggest improvement in this race, this is because you won‘t have the 10% improvement cap on your first race.


  • Awards:

1st in league
Runner up in league
Best improvement (fastest race time compared to average of first two races)
Award in each race for biggest improvement 

  • Please run it as a race each time, and to encourage a fare competition if you run more than 10% faster in any race but your first race you will receive only 3 points, 5% improvement score.

Competitor Safety


Before event:


  • Plan the route you are to run, as far as possible, run on well established paths that are free from uneven or hazardous terrain. Plan a route with as least road crossings as possible especially when running at high pace. Check traffic on route that it isn’t going to cause you issues.


  • Do not run if you feel ill or are injured, do not take part if self-isolating from Covid-19.


  • Make sure you carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number and inform someone of your proposed route, and when you should be finished.


  • Make sure you carry any relevant medications with you.


  • Try and run in good light.


While running:


  • Keep socially distance (2 metres) from other runners and public.


  • only run with people from your household or one other person.


  • Check weather reports and, run in appropriate footwear and clothing for terrain


  • Check the weather you plan to run in, and where appropriate clothing.


  • You must run outdoors.


  • Carry fluids with you appropriate to the distance you are to run


  • Recommend you to wear bright reflective clothing.


  • Carry out a thorough warm up before you run at a higher pace


  • Stay alert for hazards at all times while running.


Further guidance of risk go here and navigate to virtual event risk assessment: