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Peter Neilson Trophy


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The Peter Neilson Trophy is named after one of the stalwarts of the club. It is awarded annualy to the club member who shows the best performances in the recommended run each month

To decide who will win the Peter Neilson trophy we will calculate a persons Age Graded Performance Level for each of the Runnymede Runners Recommended Runs of the month (RRRR) in which they compete.
Their final score will be an average of their 6 best performances of the year.

Every few years the World Association of Veteran Athletics (WAVA) publishes a set of Open Class Standards ( OC) for each standard athletic event (not the World Record but an approximation to it) along with a table of Age Adjusting Factors (AF).
There is a set of Open Class Standards and Age Factors for both sexes. These tables can then be used to calculate the age and sex adjusted performance level of any competitors' performance, thus enabling the performance of runners of different ages and sexes to be directly comparable.
As an example of how an age graded result is calculated assume a woman of 53 runs in a 10k race and finishes in a time of 45 minutes and 18 seconds (or 2718 seconds).
The women's Open Class Standard for 10k is 29:55 or 1795 seconds, and the Age Factor for a 53 year old woman is 0.8545.
The Age Standard (AS) is calculated from the Open Class Standard and the Age Factor:

AS = OC/AF = 1795/0.8545 = 2100.6 seconds

The Performance Level (P%) is then calculated:

P% = AS/P = 2100.6/2718 * 100 = 77.28%